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Product Profile
Designed with modular structure concept, the inflatable hangar (air-supported assembled building) fulfills the overall formation of structural modeling. It composes of structural airbags as basic structural unit to provide safe and reliable spacious and sufficient indoor space. The Inflatable hangar (air-supported assembled building) is characterized in multiple functions, modular design, low field dependency, quick set-up, strong maneuverability, good environmental adaptability, and easy-to-operate maintenance etc.
The support shelter is categorized into two different forms either container-like or vehicle-mounted. The support shelter can be used to fulfill functions such as product transportation, power supply, inflation and pressure monitoring etc. The support shelter is specially designed to fit with inflatable hangar (air-supported assembled building) to guarantee system independent operation and product transportation under complex, reversed and severe environmental conditions.
Products can be used as Command Post、Field Support Workstation、Hangar、Conference Hall、Emergency Rescue、Materials Depot、Temporary Pavillion、Field Hospital.


Product Technical lndex 

Property Parameter
Applicable temperature -30℃~+70℃
Anti-wind grade Beaufort Scale level 10 (Whole Gale),28.4m/s (102.2km/h)
Rain resistance 1.8mm/min,ensure no leakage within an hour during contutinuous rainfall
Load-bearing 140kg/㎡
Snowload capacity 300mm snows
Flame retardancy B1,non inflammable,self-extinguishment when cutting off from fire
Lifespan Ten years
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